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Combined Graduate Level Examination(CGLE) is the most prestigious exam conducted by Staff Selection Commission (SSC). Over 17 lakh candidates compete in the grueling exam to fill the mid level bureaucracy in the Government of India. This is called Graduate-Level-Exam because a bachelor's degree from a recognized university is a must to apply for the job






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Module Topic Content No. of Videos Watch

Module:1 (Duration: 1 hour)

Types of Numbers

Part 1: Types of No. and Prime No (test) (21mins)

Part 2: Square and cube roots (method) (18 mins)

Part 3: Natural Number Series. (21 mins)

3 parts

Module: 2

(Duration: 1 hour)

Basic Division

Part 1: Basic Division ,Divisor(No./sum/multiple of divisor), Divisibility Test (22 min)

Part 2: Divisibility Test (continue), Total no. of zero in a number. (23 min)

Part 3: Total no. of zero in factorial, Factions. (15 min)

3 Parts

Module: 3 & 4

(Duration: 1 hour 50 min)

Unit Places & Remainders

Part 1: Unit/Tenth/Hundredth Place in Product ,Remainder Theo.(imp.)

Part 2: Questions on Remainder Theorem(Imp) (26 min)

Part 3: Concept of Cyclicity, Unit places & remainders (22 min)

Part 4: Questions on Cyclicity , Euler theorem (24 min)

Part 5: Method to find last two digit /tenth digit ( 15 min)

5 Parts

Module: 5

(Duration: 1 hr 4 min)

HCF & LCM (complete)

Part 1: Methods to find LCM/HCF, relation between HCF/LCM (23 min)

Part 2: LCM/HCF of fractions (& Decmals), HCF/LCM with remainders (23 min)

Part 3: LCM with remainders (continue), classroom questions (18 min)

3 Parts
Module: 6
Miscellaneous Topics

Will be uploaded after completion of all the chapters(For Higher Exam like CAT)

HIT AND TRAIL METHODS, Options Crossing, Unity & powerchecking and many other methods

5 Parts
To be uploaded

Video Lectures:Numbers System



Video Status


Upcoming : Geometry ( From Basic to Higher)






Uploaded Topic:

Numbers System (Higher), Algebra(Complete), Surds & Indices (Complete), UnitaryMethod/


Basic Alligations

Total : 45 Videos





Surds-Indices & Algebra










Module Topic Content Parts Watch

Module 1

(Duration:38 min)

Surds & Indices

Part 1: Surds & Indices Rules, properties, Rationalization, Questions (20 Mins)

Part 2: Classroom Questions Continue (Total 9 Question)(18 min)

2 parts
Module 2


Part 1: Algebra Expression ( Basic form/terms) (14 mins)

Part 2: Linear Equation (Graph/ Consistency/basis questions) (16 mins)

Part 3: Algebric Identity (Formula), Top 20-exam Questions on identities

Part 4: Top 20 Exam Questions on identities (Continue) (25 mins)

Part 5: Top 20 Exam Questions on identities (Continue) (17 Mins)

Part 6: Remander-Factor theorem/ Factorization (25 mins)

Part 7: Factorization (Quadratic / Cubic / Bi Quadratic Equations)

Part 8: Quadratic Equations(Basic-Graph, roots) , Cubic Equations(roots) (15 mins)

Part 9: Maxima-Minma --> Quadratic(all format) , ( 23 mins)

Part 10: Maxima-Minima --> A.M. - G.M. (basics & concepts)

Part 11: Maxima-Minima --> A.M. - G.M. (Questions) Continue

Part 12: Short-Algebra --> General Equ. Substitution , Use of C & D

Part 13: Short-Algebra(Cont.) -->Algebra in Infinite series, Symmetry

13 Parts
Module 3

Miscellaneous Types (Questions-List


List 1 Collection of World Best Competitive Exam Questions (Algebra)

List 2 Collection of World Best Competitive Exam Questions (Algebra)

List 3 Collection of World Best Competitive Exam Questions (Algebra)

3 Parts

Part 14

Part 15

Part 16





Percentage/Ratio Proportion/Average
















Module Topic Content Parts Watch
Module 1
Mandatory Module
Part 1: Basics (Unitary Method , Percentage, Ratio-Proportion- Average) (23 mins)
1 Part
Module 2

Part 1: Percentage(Beginners concept-->By-To concept, General Value Substitution)

Part 2: Percentage(Beginners workout & Successive Percentage.)

Part 3: Percentage(Level 1 Difficulty Questions on Successive Percentage.

Part 4: Percentage(Level 1 Difficulty Questions on General Relations.)

Part 5: Percentage(Level 1 Difficulty Questions on Geometrical shapes & food items)

Part 6: Percentage(Level 1 Questions on Relatives & Venn Diagram)

Part 7: Percentage (Level 2 Difficulty Concepts)-->For Higher Exams (Cat)

7 Parts
Module 3

Part 1 : Averages Basics,Properties &False assumption method

Part 2 : Basic Questions on Formula

Part 3: Weighted Averages, Concept of alligation, Averages of series

Part 4: Rate Analysis , Questions on Alligations

Part 5: Average of some special series, Practice questions

Part 6: Level-1 Type Difficulty questions

Part 7: Level-1 Difficulty questions (New Questions not from books) FOR:- CAT

7 Parts
Module 4
Ratios & Proportion

Part 1: Basic Properties & terminologies of Ratio & Proportion

Part 2: Relations between ratios (IMPORTANT VIDEO) (In DVD)

Part 3: Quetion based on relation b/w ratios

Part 4: Addition of Ratios

Part 5: Distribution of ratios


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5










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Serial No: Chapters/Modules (Dvds Available) Detail Price
Number System, Surds & Indices, Algebra, Percentage, Averages, Basics of Alligations.
No of Video : 45 No of DVD: 03
Rs 500/-
Ratio & Proportion, Patnership, Mixtures & Alligations, Discount, Profit & Loss ,Simple interest , Compound interest.
No of Video : 40 No of DVD: 03
Rs 500/-
Work-Time , Speed-Distance & Time , Geometry -Triangle & Circle
No of Video : 40 No of DVD: 03
Rs 500/-
Mensuration (3D Figures), Trignometry, Height & Distance Solution of Traingle(competitive Exam), Data-Interpretation.
No of Video : 40 No of DVD: 03
Rs 700/-

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No of Video : 20 No of DVD: 02
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UPCOMING VIDEO (NEXT)::::-------> Lecture on GEOMETRY (From Basic to Advanced covering all topics.)

Total Videos To be Uploaded : 357, Total Modules: 120 , Total Chapter: 20. (All Free by One of the SSC CGL selected students)

Topics to be covered: Number system, Surds & Algebra, Ratio & Proportion, Allegation & Mixture, Averages, Percentage, Profit-Loss & Discount, S.I & C.I, Partnerships, Work & Time, Speed & distance, Geometry: Triangle & Circle, Mensuration , Trigonometry , Height & distance, Solutions of Triangle, Co-ordinate Geometry, Data interpretation.(Must Watch !!! Guaranteed Selection)::::..For English Version Please visit to My CAT Page.

More than 100 model Paper for SSC CGL Tier 1&2 from various institutes are available on DVD.